An Anime Themed Fantasy Mobile ARPG

Coming to Playstore/Appstore on 5th September 2019!


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AURORA7, a new anime fantasy MMOARPG from the popular game developer Interserv International Inc, published by global mobile game publisher, Jollity, is releasing the game on 5th of September 2019!

Journey together with Aurora and explore the world of Fairy Tales.

Game Features:-

  • Over 45+ Classic Fairy Tales Characters both Light and Dark side

In light, there lies darkness. Each classic Fairy Tale character has a combination of light and dark and it’s up to you to choose your path.

  • Epic Team PvP, supports up to 9 heroes in team PvP

Featuring another level of PvP! Not your typical 1v1 but 9v9! Players get to choose 9 characters to step up the challenge and to be the top.

  • Unique social features such as Guild Arena, Dungeon and many more!

Join a guild to battle with your friends against another guild! Not only that, there are bosses to fight against for rewards. Challenge your friends too if they’re in the friend list.

  • In-game events such as Server Angbao, Red Joker and many more!

This game offers event for every individual player, so there is surely something worth your time! One of them is known as Server Angbao where players get a 10% cashback of their diamonds spent over the first 7 days~ . Also, not able to obtain any SSR fragments? Worry not! Red Joker feature got your backs on Red Queen Fragments!

  • Massive game content and challenges.

Classical Fairy Tales being told in a different way. Pair up to fight against the Giant! Challenge yourself in mirror trials against the characters.

There will be weekly giveaways to players that meets the requirement. Fabulous prizes for giveaways such as a Pocophone F1, miband or a powerbank and many more exciting rewards!

Streamer pack is available; to redeem it, just send the stream of the game to AURORA 7 Facebook and the pack will be sent to the streamer. There are other community events on the Facebook for players to join and gain extra rewards in-game.

Streamer Pack

Burning Heart – AURORA7 ft Kei

Aurora 7 is now available for download in both Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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