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Do I have to register before making payments with MEPS FPX?
No registration is required, you will only need to have an Internet Banking account from the supported banks.

Which are the supported banks for using MEPS FPX?
Following are the banks that supports MEPS FPX payment:

  • Bank Islam
  • CIMB
  • Hong Leong
  • Maybank
  • Public Bank
  • RHB Bank

What is the operating hour for FPX?
This service is dependent on the Internet Banking’s service availability at the participating banks.

What are the browser required to make payments online via MEPS FPX?
MEPS FPX can only be use with the following Internet Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Netscape
  • Firefox
  • Safari

What are the @Cash denominations available for MEPS FPX?
You may select from the following available denominations :-

  • 20K
  • 30K
  • 50K
  • 80K
  • 100K
  • 200K

What are the daily and monthly limit of purchasing @Cash via MEPS FPX?
Daily Limit : MYR 1,000 per day per user

Monthly Limit: MYR 10,000 per month per user

Are there any charges for payments via MEPS FPX?
There are no extra charges imposed for using MEPS FPX to purchase @Cash.

I need Customer Support assistance due to transaction issue.
Please submit the following to us with subject “MEPS FPX transaction issue” via e-mail at and we will get back to you after our investigation has concluded.

  • The error message(s) or describe the issue you encountered
  • Name of Bank
  • Your Transaction ID (if available)
  • Date and time when error occurred
  • Your contact number during office hours
  • The Operating System (Windows, Macintosh, Unix) you are using
  • The Browser you are using (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)

You can also call the respective bank’s Customer Service Call Centre:

  • Maybank (M2U and M2E) Tel: 1300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas) 24 Hours
  • Public Bank Tel: 1-800-22-5555
  • Hong Leong Bank Tel: 03-7626 8899
  • RHB Bank Tel: 03-9206 8118 / 03-9206 8228
  • Bank Islam Tel: 03-2690 0900

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