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What is TokenAds?
TokenAds is a platform provider of various free offers and surveys posted by merchants. Upon completion of the offers, you are able to accumulate @Cash and convert into your desired Game Cash!

PlayPark is not liable nor have any control over the content hosted on the TokenAds Platform. We recommend that you keep your anti-virus software up to date and run its virus removal feature if you suspect that your computer has been infected.

What are Offers?
Offers are campaigns posted by merchants on the TokenAds platform. These merchants act as your sponsors for gaming currency and virtual goods by participating and engaging with their products.

You can earn FREE @Cash Points by participating in activities such as:

  • Taking a survey or a quiz
  • Testing out a product
  • Shopping
  • Signing up as a member for a free service

How can I complete an Offer?
Follow these steps below to complete an Offer:

  1. Choose one of the offers on the offer page. (You may view available offers in the “Earn Free @Cash” tab within your PlayID summary page)
  2. Read and understand the necessary requirements to completing the offer.
  3. Click the offer to start the process.
  4. Complete the offer step by step, and wait for verification.
  5. Get @Cash Points!
  6. If you have completed every offer, click on the button to see more!

How does the system work? How do I complete offers?
The instructions to complete an offer are written in every offer description. For all offers, you MUST provide accurate information and meet the advertiser’s requirements. @Cash Points will not be awarded if you submit incorrect information.


  • Please make sure your browser security allows third party cookies.
  • Your ad blocking software should allow the site to place a cookie and track your offer.
  • Allow the advertiser’s confirmation page to load completely. Refreshing or closing the window too soon may prevent the tracking from responding on time.

You can choose to view different categories of offers, or completely refresh the page by clicking on the View More Offers button.

How often can I complete each offer?
You can only complete an individual offer once. No @Cash Points will be rewarded for other attempts. However, you can complete as many different offers as you want.

How long do I have to wait before getting my @Cash Points?
@Cash Points are usually credited immediately after completing the offer. However some offers can take up to a few hours, and this would be noted in the offer?s description. Please check the offer description for these details.

I completed an offer, but have not received any tokens yet, what should I do?
Please keep all proof of offer completion (payment receipt, email confirmation, PIN codes, invoices, etc). TokenAds will request to see proof when reviewing your case.

If the time indicated in the offer description has past, you can contact TokenAds Support Team by clicking on the ‘Support’ button. This page lists the offers you have clicked on. Locate the offer causing a problem, then click on the Problem? link next to it.

I am on the ‘Support’ page, what do the statuses mean?
An offer may be in 1 of 6 different statuses, which you may view on the “Support” page:

This status indicates that you have clicked on the offer, but either you have not completed it yet or you still need to wait for the confirmation from the partner.

Ticket submitted
This status indicates that you have sent TokenAds Support Team an email explaining that you have experienced some difficulties with the offer. Please check your email frequently for the reply from TokenAds Support Team.

Processing ticket
This status indicates that the TokenAds Support Team has received your email and are working on resolving your case. Please check your email frequently for the reply from TokenAds Support Team.

This status indicates that you have already been rewarded for this offer.

Credited and Closed
This status indicates that the TokenAds Support Team has reviewed your complaint, you have been rewarded for this offer, and therefore the ticket has been closed.

Ticket closed, see email
This status indicates that the TokenAds Support Team has reviewed your complaint, and after having found no verifiable grounds for it, closed the ticket. Please check the email sent by TokenAds Support Team for more details.

I completed an offer, why is the status still “INCOMPLETE”?
Even though most of the offers are credited instantly, some of them may require up to several hours to confirm. Please read the offer requirements carefully.

It is also possible that you did not complete all the required steps. Please review the instructions again in order to ensure that you did everything correctly.

Unfortunately, @Cash Points will NOT be awarded if an error occurs and you were not able to complete the offer requirements. Please report problematic offers to TokenAds Support Team and they will investigate the matter.

How do I cancel or unsubscribe from an offer I completed?
Products and services subscribed or purchased through TokenAds are all from third-party advertisers. To cancel or unsubscribe from an offer, you will need to contact the advertisers directly.

How do I redeem my @Cash Points for the @Cash Top-Up Codes?
The minimum amount of @Cash Points required for redemption is 1,000.

Once you have accumulated sufficient @Cash Points, follow the instructions below to redeem for the @Cash Top-Up Codes:

Login to your PlayID, select the “Earn Free @Cash” tab and click on “Redeem” Now.


Upon successful redemption, you will see the notification as shown below.
Proceed to check your PlayID email for the Top-Up Codes.


I did not receive any email for my redemption. Can you resend it?
Please check your spam/junk mail folder as some Email Service Providers have settings which classify such mails as spam/junk.

You may follow the steps below to request for the system to re-send the redemption details to your PlayID email:

Click on “History” to view your transaction summary.
Click on “Resend Email” in the Redemption Details column.


Select “Ok” to continue.


A confirmation message will be shown upon successful request. Please allow up to 15 minutes for the system to generate the redemption details. Check your PlayID email for the requested information.


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