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What steps do I need to take to complete an offer from SupersonicAds?
Below each offer description the necessary instructions to complete an offer are written. For all offers, you must provide accurate information and meet the advertiser’s requirements. Points will not be awarded if you submit incorrect information. Also, let the page load completely. In order for SupersonicAds to effectively track your progress, do not refresh the page at any point of time.

Can I complete an offer more than once?
No, each offer may only be completed once. Additional attempts will not be rewarded.

For any offer with a subscriptions or free trials such as the Blockbuster offer, you must be a new customer to qualify for credit.

How long do I have to wait for points?
Estimated wait time varies from offer to offer and therefore can take anywhere from minutes to days. The expected time delay of each offer is clearly stated under the offer’s description. Please only submit a support request after waiting the specified time.

How do I cancel or unsubscribe from an offer I completed?
Products and services subscribed or purchased through SupersonicAds’ offer panel are all from third-party advertisers. To unsubscribe or cancel from an offer you will need to contact the advertisers directly.

If an error occurs during the completion process, do I still get my points?
Unfortunately, points will not be awarded if an error occurs at any time during the process and you were not able to complete the offer requirements. SupersonicAds constantly monitor each offer and remove it if they notice multiple errors in a short amount of time. Please report problematic offers to the SupersonicAds customer support team and they will investigate the issue.

Can I get credit for an offer if I complete the offer requirements without going through the link on the SupersonicAds offer panel?
No. Credit cannot be recorded if the offers are not completed via SupersonicAds offer panel.

How is my information used by the advertiser?
The use of your information once entered on the sites varies from sponsor to sponsor. Read each offer sponsor’s “Terms and Conditions” for more information.

Can I trust any direct payments I make are secure?
As assured by SupersonicAds, all payments are processed through trusted and secure sites. If you encounter any discrepancy, please report them to the SupersonicAds customer support team and they will investigate the issue.

Are Toolbars and other download offers safe?
Toolbars and other download offers may trigger a warning message in your anti-virus/malware software. These software programs flag viruses and third-party cookies which the advertisers use to track your completion of the offers.

As a precaution, always review the message from your anti-virus/malware software.

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