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What do I have to do to earn @Cash via SponsorPay?
You can earn @Cash as a reward for completing offers from SponsorPay’s advertising partners. Simply choose an offer such as filling out a survey, participating in a prize draw, signing up for a service, making a discounted purchase or watching a video. When you have successfully completed the offer, your reward will be transferred to you.

Please note that a specific offer can only be completed once per household and you absolutely have to enter accurate personal information. If you provide false data, SponsorPay will ban you permanently from using the service and reserve the right to inform us about the infraction. Your PlayID/Facebook ID may be suspended indefinitely for further investigation.

How long does it take until I receive my @Cash?
Each offer has a detailed description that includes an estimate of the waiting time in addition to the amount of @Cash you will receive.

How often can I complete a particular offer?
Due to partners’ restrictions, you can complete most offers only once. If multiple people in your household use SponsorPay, please make sure to divide up the offers among you as they can only be completed once per household. In case an offer can be completed multiple times, the Required Actions section will explicitly state this information.

What do the various offer status messages mean?

  • Offer clicked – Participation is being verified

This is shown when you have completed an offer but it is still being processed by our system (refer to the Expected Waiting Time). This status is also shown when you have just clicked and viewed an offer but not completed it.

  • Successfully credited

This is shown when SponsorPay has received a confirmation from their system that the offer was completed correctly and have subsequently credited the reward to your account.

  • Canceled

This is displayed when an offer has been confirmed to SponsorPay as completed, but the advertiser has later deemed the transaction invalid. This may happen, for instance, if you have not met all of the specified offer criteria or provided false information.

If you are absolutely certain you have completed the offer correctly and it is still shown as “canceled”, please contact SponsorPay using the “Report problem” link next to the offer status.

  • Multiple completion of the same offer – No payout

This indicates that someone in your household already received the reward for this offer and the system denied a second payout.

I still haven’t received my @Cash. What can I do?
First, you should look under Support to check whether the offer shows up on the list and you have actually waited longer than the Expected Waiting Time. If so, you can use the “Report problem” link next to the offer to inform SponsorPay about the delay.

Under Support I can only report a problem for some of my offers. Why is that so?
You can only report a problem when the Expected Waiting Time for an offer has passed.

According to the Support page, one offer was not paid out due to multiple completions. Why?
This usually means that you or your household have completed this offer multiple times. As described in SponsorPay’s Fair Play Rules, more than one completion of the same offer will not be credited with multiple rewards.

When I click an offer, the page is completely blank or doesn’t show up at all. Why?
Your computer may be using an ad blocker that prevents some of the offers from being displayed correctly. You should disable all ad blocking software while using this service.

What’s an ad blocker and why do I have to disable it?
An ad blocker is a program on your computer that prevents popups or banner ads from being displayed. Ad blockers come in many shapes or forms such as browser plugins, standalone programs or as part of your internet security software. It is necessary for you to disable all ad blocking software before taking part in SponsorPay offers.

If you have questions on how to disable a specific program, the software developer’s website usually provides this information.

An error occurred before I could complete the offer. Will I still receive @Cash?
If you have not completed the offer due to errors, kindly inform SponsorPay about the broken offer so they can trace the source of the problem.

To do this, please go to the Support page, click on the “Report problem” link and select “There was an error before I completed the offer”.

I didn’t complete the offer but it is still verifying my participation. Why?
Every offer you click will appear on your Support page, even if you did not complete it.

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