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How to inquire about an offer via Matomy Money?
In some cases you will receive a message asking you to wait before beginning the inquiry process. This can mean the advertiser has not yet approved the payment. You are requested to wait before submitting the inquiry.

This short guide below will show you the best way to send Matomy Money an offer inquiry.

  1. Click the “Check offer status” banner on the top right corner of the Matomy Money offer wall.
  2. Choose the offer you want to inquire about and click “Inquire about this offer”
  3. Enter your email address and include all the details you have about the offer in question.
  4. After you submit your request, a notification will appear on your screen – “Your inquiry was successfully sent”.
  5. An email with detailed instructions will be sent to you once your inquiry has been received by Matomy Money.


  • You must reply to the email in order for them to start the inquiry process.
  • The Matomy Money support team will check the offer, contact the advertiser and email or credit you.
  • This process takes up to 48 hours before you will receive a reply or credit.
  • You may also contact Matomy Money directly via

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