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Why must I register my Asiasoft Passport with my real details?
Your National Identity (NRIC), FIN or Social Security Number is the only document that will help us identify you and to prove that you are the owner of your Asiasoft Passport.

Can’t I prove my account ownership using my name or birthdate?
No, there may be more than 1 player with the same name or birthdate, but a unique personal identification number will only belong to one person.

Hence, our verification is based strictly on National ID number.

I only have one National ID. How can I provide another valid National ID number for my other Asiasoft Passport?
According to our Terms of Use, each player is only allowed to have ONE Asiasoft Passport. Multiple Passport accounts are prohibited and may be suspended or terminated without prior warning or notice.

I lost contact with the account owner, thus I cannot get the copy of the registered National ID for verification.
Asiasoft does not recognize the transfer of Accounts. Users may not purchase, sell, gift, trade or transfer any Asiasoft Passport account, or offer to do likewise. Any such attempt shall be null and void.

But the account owner has quit/moved/passed on.
We will only recognize the holder of the registered National ID as the rightful owner of the account. If the original owner of the account has discontinued the usage of his/her account, that account shall be deemed as null and void.

I registered my account with fake details as I do not trust having my real particulars registered over the Internet. How do I verify my account?
Our verification is based strictly on National ID number. Your account will not be verified if the registered details do not tally with your National ID.

I sent in a copy of my National ID for verification once before. Why must I send it again?
This is part of our security measures to ensure that the request comes from the rightful owner, and to prevent unauthorised person(s) from accessing or amending your account’s details.

The system does not allow me to register my National ID number. It says that my National ID number has been used.
Once you have registered your National ID to an Asiasoft Passport, you will not be able to use it for another passport account.

If you believe that your National ID has been mis-appropriately misused by an unknown person, please report it to us at providing a scanned color copy of both sides of your National ID.

Why must I submit a color copy of my National ID?
We are unable to verify your authenticity of National ID and also to prove account ownership through a black-and-white photocopy.

Please understand that this is part of our procedure to prevent any dispute over ownership claims, henceforth we only accept colour copies and not a black-and-white photocopy of National ID as this proves that the user is holding on to the actual National ID.

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