Asiasoft Live Chat Services
  • Date : 2014-03-07 16:09:18
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Welcome to the Asiasoft Live Chat Services!

Asiasoft Live Chat Services allow users to use instant messaging to contact our Customer Service team. This service is currently only available in English and can be accessed by clicking on the "Live Chat" button below.

Live Chat Operating Hours

19th September 2014 (Friday) :- Close at 1900hrs(GMT+8) tonight.
20th September and 21st September 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) :- Offline
22nd September 2014 (Monday) :- Operation back at usual 11am(GMT+8)-8pm(GMT+8)


Livechat services is not available for the weekends as it is undergoing an unscheduled maintenance. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Click here to start Live Chat

Click here to start Live Chat

We are having maintenance for Live Chat

How to use:

  1. Click on the Live Chat button
  2. Select @Cash or AP (Asiasoft Passport / PlayPark) category
  3. Fill in your Full Name
  4. Fill in your Email address (PlayID or Asiasoft Passport Registered Email Address)
  5. Type the question you wish to ask
  6. Click on "Start Chat"

Terms & Condition

  • Please use the iBox to send an official report regarding your ingame issue so that the game administrators may assist you.
  • CSOs are only able to provide limited assistance for Asiasoft Passport, PlayPark account and @Cash issues.