Charge @Cash to SilkRoad Online

Cosmic Break GetAmped 2 Minox Splash Fighter

Purchase SilkRoad Online E-Pins

Step 1:

Enter your Login ID, Password, Capcha Code and click on the "Login" button.

Step 2:
Under @Cash, select Buy SilkRoad Cash.

Step 3:
Click on "Yes I have read the Terms and Service and I accept them."

Step 4:
Click on "Redeem".

Step 5:
Select the game points you wish to purchase, enter the quantity and click on "Next"

Step 6:
Enter the Capcha code as shown and click on “Confirm”.

Upon successful transaction, an email containing the E-Pins details will be sent to your registered email account.



Convert E-Pins to Silk

Step 1:

Select Charge and click on "Charge".

Step 2:
At the left hand side panel, under E-Pin, select A-Cash.

Enter the E-pins and Serial number details that were send to your email earlier.

Step 3:
Click on "Next".

Upon successful transaction, you will see the following message.



If you encountered any error messages while performing the transaction, please contact our @Cash Support team via iBox.

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

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